Harris completes its third takeover in France

After Everwin and Sigma, it is the turn of the software integrator Ventya to join the Canadian group Harris. At the beginning of April, the latter created Harris France to administer its activities and pursue its acquisitions locally.

N. Harris Computer Corporation (Harris) has big ambitions in the French vertical software market. Through the publisher and integrator Everwin, its first takeover in France in August 2020, the Canadian group acquired Ventya, which was advised by Crescendo Finance to complete its sale. Created more than 10 years ago, Ventya designs Clear'Invoice, a SaaS offer for electronic invoicing with probative value. The company based in Nanterre (92) claims 42 employees and a portfolio of 250 clients, particularly in the automotive, tourism and publishing sectors. In 2021, it achieved more than €6 million in turnover and an Ebitda above 11%.

A target of €100 million in turnover by 2025

Ventya is the third company Harris has acquired in France. Last August, it also brought into its fold Sigma, an integrator publisher from the Tarn specializing in the fields of supervision and hydrotherapy, still not through Everwin.

In parallel with the takeover of Ventya, the Canadian group created Harris France, whose role will consist of managing its activities in France and continuing to acquire local publishers. “Harris confirms its development ambition in France with the organization and structuring of Harris France. The teams are reinforced to support this project and investments are made, 7 people dedicated to date. says Tony Pénochet, President of Harris France and founder of Everwin. Harris aims to achieve a turnover of €100 million in France by 2025.