“Crescendo Finance team is able to work in a proactive way which makes everything much easier in a handover process.”
Stéphane Panzani, Finsys
“Crescendo Finance- a new M and A company has organised the selling of Stanfeel- has a dynamic and disreet team which is very promising for the future.”

Edouard Peltier, Stanfeel Conseil

“It is very likely that we will work with Crescendo Finance for a third external growth operation. Its staff has an excellent knowledge in M and A IT”

Nicolas Boileau, Intitek

“Crescendo ‘s teams have perfectly reached the goals laid out in the madate that we entrusted to them : to back SRCI within a reasonable timeframe with a actor in line with the human dimension of the company and to realize my assets in very good conditions. a reasonable deadline. ”

Gilles Brandel, SRCI

“rescendo Finance skilfully handled our sale project, which like all M&A transactions contained a fair amount of complexity.”
Michel Duran, Dunasys
“Crescendo Finance is an investment bank whose remarkable expertise in finance adds up to a very sharp knowledge of IT consulting and an impressive ability to execute.”

Nicolas Guilany, Arcatem

“We’ve truly enjoyed working with Yoann for the aquisition of Fastmag and Futurosoft because he knows the software market so well.”

Patrick Lemaire, DL Software

“A big thank you to the Crescendo Finance team, because they were able to bring about the meeting that each of the parties was waiting for and to accompany them to complete this capital operation within a reasonable timeframe.”

Philippe Benon, Solent

“Crescendo Finance has worked in a very professional way and has been by our side every step of the way.”
Stéphane Ancel, EES Assurance
“A big thank you to Yoann and Alexandre for the relevance of their financial advice and their availability, in keeping with their excellent reputation.”

Bogdan Degeratu, Prosmart Solutions

“Thank you to Crescendo Finance for its efficiency. Its team, which initiated the merger with the LT Capital fund, was able to adapt perfectly to my expectations.”

Yoann Cherry, Asqua Leader

“ I always appreciate and value the very astute advice from Crescendo and its managing partners when dealing with merger and aquisition operations.”

Mickaël Slama, Nodya Group

“A big thank you to Alexandre Folman for the assignment mandate that he’s dealt with in a very professional way.”
Didier Kerloch, Senso Telecom
“We’ve already completed three deals thanks to Crescendo Finance and the staff has done a great job because they know the IT service sector so well.”

Thierry Boccara, Blue Soft Group

“I genuinely thank Cresendo Finance for the way they guided us through the MBO. A lot of added value financially with a dealmaker mindset.”

Joël Robiteau, Capteo

“Crescendo Finance is one of the most active companies in the tech sector which has enabled us to complete several external growth operations together.”

William Binet, VOIP Telecom

“Confidentiality and interpersonal skills are qualities demonstrated by Alexandre Folman who efficiently accompanied my merger operation.”
Marc Gilles, Com Network