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Crescendo Finance leads the sale of ProSmart Solutions to Blue Soft Group

ProSmart Solutions was founded in 2013 in Meudon by Bogdan Degeratu and is a fast-growing IT service company with 45 employees that generates €4.3m in revenue and 16% Ebitda. The company has a production division with more than 60% of its consultants working on application support, middleware & DBA and system & virtualisation, and a development division: .NET, Java, Mobile & Web, capable of taking on major projects for its clients.

ProSmart Solutions’ staff being eager to reach new markets requiring a larger size, they entrusted a consulting mandate to Crescendo Finance in order to assist it in its affiliation strategy. In the end, the company chose the Blue Soft group, whose ambitious development project won over the company’s shareholders. Blue Soft is an ESN with 500 employees and is referenced by the main bank-insurance principals. Blue Soft has offices in the Paris region, Toulouse, Lyon, Geneva and Lausanne. Directed by Thierry Boccara and Ludovic Hayat, the group deploys its expertise (levels 3 and 4) around three themes: Data, Digital and Risk management, for a varied clientele.