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Crescendo Finance supports the MBO of the consulting firm Capteo

Capteo was founded 14 years ago by Richard Teuscher and Joël Robiteau and is a strategy, organization and management consulting firm with 75 employees. Growing strong, Capteo will generate more than €11m in revenues in 2019. A reference stakeholder in the financial sector, the company supports its clients in their strategic thinking, the implementation of their transformation projects and the improvement of their performance. Its sphere of influence and business expertise are developed around four segments: corporate and investment banks, asset management companies, private banks and investor services, retail banks and insurance companies.

Within the framework of the implementation of its 2023 strategic plan, the CAPTEO group has carried out a capital reconfiguration which resulted in a sponsorless MBO carried out by Richard Teuscher on the shares of Joël Robiteau (50% of the capital). This operation was carried out with the help of a senior debt raised from Société Générale and BPI France. Richard Teuscher and Joël Robiteau ” are pleased with this operation which allows to reinforce the managerial perennity and to maintain the independence of CAPTEO. This is essential to support the accelerated development that the company has been experiencing for several years now.”